Helping sports organizations on their data journey

Data driven organization

Data-driven organizations are committed to gathering data concerning all aspects of the business. By enabling employees at every level to use the right data at the right time, data can foster conclusive decision-making and becomes part of the companies' competitive advantage


The future today

Today most organizations already have a good idea on what data is available within the organization or available from external partners. But it is important to also look at what other information is available, maybe in new unknown formats. Think of sensor information that can be used in time series. But also think of photo or video analysis. They could have information all different kinds of forms. Think of speed measuring, pitch positions, direction tracking of object or pose estimation. If you want to be ready to collect that information tomorrow, you will need the investigate the possibilities today.

Small organizations

As a club manager it is not always easy to get a complete 360 view on all the information available in your club. The information is available in several systems or sometimes even in several excel files.

Combining that information in one overview is very time consuming and error prone, or even not possible in some cases.

Club Dash can help you in getting all your information in a central data management environment!